Fosforo Enhance

Solubilizer of unavailable phosphorus in the soil

Package: Bottle 1 l
Application: Soil
Consentito in agricoltura biologica - Menfin

Allowed in organic farming

Compliant with EC Regulation No. 834/2007 of June 28, 2007 pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 75/2010 of April 29, 2010.


FOSFORO ENHANCE converts insoluble phosphorus, accumulated and not available in the soil, making it readily available to crops.

FOSFORO ENHANCE synthesizes gibberellins, amino acids, proteins and vitamins that improve the crop quality and yield.

– Decrease of phosphate fertilizers supply from 40% to 50%.

– It can be employed in all crops, in organic, integrated and conventional farming.

– No residues in the soil, in the crops and in the environment


Bacteria complex able to solubilize the unavailable Phosphorus accumulated in the soil.

Dosage and application methods

FOSFORO ENHANCE can be applied with a perforated hose, drip irrigation, or with any system able to distribute it over the entire crop surface. 


1-2 l/ha before the vegetative restart VEGETABLES:

1-2 l/ha before sowing or transplanting SEED TREATMENT

10-15 ml Kg of seed

WARNINGS: Do not mix with products based on copper, bactericides or phosphites. Keep in a dry place, away from light and sources of heat. Shake before using.