Calcium oxide with low molecular weight carbossilic acids

Package: Bottle 1 kg, Tank 6 kg, Tank 25 kg, Tank 1250 kg
Application: Leaf
Consentito in agricoltura biologica - Menfin

Allowed in organic farming

Compliant with EC Regulation No. 834/2007 of June 28, 2007 pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 75/2010 of April 29, 2010.


PRO-CALCIO is a formulate containing calcium and low molecular weight Carboxylic Acids, that prevents physiopathies due to calcium deficiency, such as: Apical rot and blotching in tomato. Tip-burn in lettuces. Splits of peel on stone fruit and melon. Edging of the bract on poinsettia. Bitter buttering on pomaceous plants. Damage on leaves for saline water, etc.

PRO-CALCIUM gives more texture and elasticity to both fruits and leaves, contributing decisively to improve the natural resistance of the plant to parasites attacks.


Calcium Oxide (CaO) soluble in water … 12.5% ​​w/w

Dosage and Application Mode

VEGETABLES (tomato, pepper, melon, strawberry, lettuce, celery, zucchini, etc.): 200-400 ml/hl. Apply approximately every 15 days starting from the half of the vegetative growth (if leaf horticulture) or from the first fruits setting (if fruit horticulture) to harvest.

FRUIT (drupaceous, pomaceous, citrus): 3-4 liters/ha (at least 250 ml/hl). Carry out 2 or 3 applications starting from the fruit set to the harvest. On apple tree, carry out treatments every 15-20 days, up to the two weeks before the harvest.

FLOWERS (in pot or cut): 400 ml/hl, performing a series of applications from the beginning of the cultivation cyle every 12-15 days. On Poinsettia treatments every 15 days at 300 ml/hl from the beginning of September until the end of November.