Iron and low molecular weigh carboxylic acids

Package: Bottle 1 kg, Tank 6 kg, Tank 25 kg, Tank 1250 kg
Application: Leaf and soil
Consentito in agricoltura biologica - Menfin

Allowed in organic farming

Compliant with EC Regulation No. 834/2007 of June 28, 2007 pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 75/2010 of April 29, 2010.


PRO-IRON is based on iron and low molecular weight carboxylic acids, which delivers this microelement to the plant, in an extremely assimilable manner.

PRO-IRON corrects and/or prevents iron deficiencies on any crop.



Iron (Fe) soluble in water … 6.6 % W/W

Doses and application

Apply, if possible, in a preventive approach when an iron deficiency is expected, or at the first symptoms.

Even if a reduction of ferric chlorosis is obtained with one application, it is recommended to perform a second application 15-20 days after the first treatment.

SOIL APPLICATION: 6 liters/ha.
LEAF APPLICATION: 2 liters/ha, i.e. 200ml/hl of solution.

PRO-IRON is normally applied at the soil through localized irrigation, sprinkling, etc.
Leaf application is possible dissolving the product in abundant water and taking care to wet the whole plant homogenously. PRO-IRON
is miscible with all the leaf fertilizers and most of the agrochemicals; however, it is advisable to perform preliminary compatibility tests.
Do not mix with calcium, metals, hypochlorite, chlorites, chlorates, strong oxidizing agents, alkalis.