Calcium solution with boron for leaf application

Package: Bottle 1 kg, Tank 6 kg, Tank 25 kg, Tank 1250 kg
Application: Leaf


PRO LIFE is a product containing Calcium, Boron and low molecular weight Carboxylic Acids that improves the cellular construction of all the plant tissues, especially vegetative apexes, flower buds or young fruits, fixing calcium and preventing future deficiencies.

PRO LIFE confers firmness, texture and reduce the transpiration losses, obtaining consequently a qualitative improvement of fruits and leaves.


Total Nitrogen (N) … 8% P / P

Water soluble calcium oxide (CaO) … 12% P / P

Water-soluble boron (B) … 0.5% P / P

Dosage and application methods

PRO LIFE is for foliar application, diluted in abundant water, wetting the plant homogenously, especially in its areas of growth and fruiting.

PRO LIFE can be mixed with most of the agrochemicals, however it is advisable to carry out preliminary tests beforehand.

HORTICULTURAL CROPS (tomato, pepper, melon, strawberry, lettuce, celery, courgette, etc.) 200-400 ml / hl. Apply every 15 days from the beginning of the cultivation cycle, until the middle of vegetative growth (if leaf vegetables) or until the end of the first fruit setting (if fruit vegetables).

FRUIT  (drupaceous, pomaceous, citrus) 3-4 liters / hectare (300 -400 ml / hl). Perform 2 or 3 applications until the end of fruit set.

FLORICULTURE (cut stems or pot plants) 400 ml / hl, performing a series of applications from the beginning of the cultivation cycle every 12-15 days

WARNINGS: Do not mix with products containing sulphates or phosphates. Before any mixture with products containing copper, consult our Technical Service.