Solution of iron fertilizer

Package: Bottle 1 kg, Tank 6 kg
Application: Soil
Consentito in agricoltura biologica - Menfin

Allowed in organic farming

Compliant with EC Regulation No. 834/2007 of June 28, 2007 pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 75/2010 of April 29, 2010.


TRASPORT is a powerful translocator, delivering nutrients in leaves and fruit, especially through intercellular membranes. The high amount of carboxylic acids, confers a high complexing power of macro and microelements. Moreover, TRASPORT is a powerful acidifier; it works by improving the effectiveness of other active ingredients, avoiding inactivation caused by water alkalinity, neutralizing detrimental salts and interferences.


Iron (Fe) soluble in water … 2 % 

Doses and application

Vegetables in greenhouse: from 100 to 400 ml/1000 L. 

If in doubt, consult a technician. 

TRASPORT should be added to the tank at the final stages of preparation. It can be applied in mixture with other leaf fertilizers; however, it is advisable to perform preliminary miscibility tests, in particular with products containing sulphures and copper.