Who We Are

The main goal of Menfin srl is the qualitative development of the agricultural productions with the ambition to face the great challenges of the agricultural world, contributing to its improvement.

All that, working alongside the operators, supporting their activities with solutions and projects suited to their needs.

The Company had the opportunity to extend itself worldwide, thanks to its ability to provide innovative products and services that meet the customers and consumers needs.

Research, experimentation and innovation are the driving force behind the development of Menfin Srl which allow it to embrace world agriculture.

Our work aims to offer efficient, safe and environmentally friendly agricultural products, with great availability and high quality of the raw materials: a responsible and safe use of the environment and its resources.

Our society plays an important role in the production of the typical crops of the Mediterranean area and other countries: fruit, vegetables, vines, etc.

Menfin Srl works to make its know-how available to the world market, obtaining a worldwide success through the optimization of agricultural productions as well as the improvement of nutrition and life quality of the growing population; this thanks above all, to the attention towards its customers, agricultural operators and especially to nature and its fruits.

Menfin Srl is dedicated to the natural resources conservation, through good agricultural practices integrated with different technologies.

In this context the collaboration with the Spanish company M&R fertilizer was born, a company which produces special fertilizers based on low molecular weight carboxylic acids, with a significant specialization in salt control and cationic contribution.

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