Pro-Tec Cu

Np fertilizer solution 3-15.1 with copper (Cu)

Package: Bottle 1 kg, Tank 6 kg, Tank 25 kg, Tank 1250 kg
Application: Leaf


PRO TEC-CU is a liquid fertilizer based on nitrogen, phosphorus and copper, ideal for both leaf and root applications.

All the phosphorus present in PRO TEC-CU is in phosphite form. This product is absorbed by the plant and is rapidly delivered to reach all the organs. Thus contributing to improve the nutritional status of the plant, and also to stimulate the efficiency of self defense systems against fungal and bacterial diseases.


Total nitrogen (N) … 3 %

of which:

Nitric … 1 %

Ammoniacal … 1 %

Ureic … 1 %

Phosphorus (P2O5) … 15,1 %

Copper (Cu) … 5,8 %

Doses and application

Vegetables, Leguminous, Cereals 2 Kg/Ha. 3-5 Kg/Ha.
Fruits, Vine, Olive 1.5-2 Kg/Ha. 5-10 Kg/Ha.

Both leaf and root applications are possible.
DO NOT MIX with other products containing Copper or Sulfur.