Zinal Pro

Liquid mixture of microelements, Copper (Cu) sulphate, Zinc (Zn) sulfate

Package: Bottle 1 kg, Tank 6 kg
Application: Leaf and soil
Consentito in agricoltura biologica - Menfin

Allowed in organic farming


ZINAL Pro promotes the growth and development of plants. The balance obtained leads to greater resistance to stress of various kinds.


Copper (Cu) sulphate, soluble in water … 1.8 %

Zinc (Zn) sulphate, soluble in water … 0.5 %

Doses and application

ZINAL Pro is for foliar application, dissolved in plenty of water, taking care to wet the plant evenly. However, it can be used administered with radical applications.

ZINAL Pro can be applied mixed with other agricultural chemical products, however it is advisable to carry out a preliminary miscibility test. It should not be mixed with oils, amino acids or nitrogen fertilizers.

To be used only in case of recognized need. Do not exceed appropriate doses. Not to be sold loose.

Use following the instructions of your technician. General dose 2-2.5 L/1000 L of application solution.