Potassio Enhance

Solubilizer of unavailable potassium in the soil

Package: Bottle 1 l
Application: Soil
Consentito in agricoltura biologica - Menfin

Allowed in organic farming


POTASSIO ENHANCE is a natural product that mobilizes potassium, making it available and assimilable by plants. POTASSIO ENHANCE mobilizes insoluble compounds of manganese, iron, boron, zinc and copper, chemically fixed in the soil.

• Stimulates and promotes the formation and growth of new roots.
• Reduction of the potassic fertilizers supply.
• It can be employed in in organic, integrated and conventional farming.
• no residues in the soil, in crops and in the environment.


Complex of heterogeneous bacteria able to solubilize the insoluble Potassium accumulated in the soil. 

Doses and application

POTASSIUM ENHANCE can be applied or in fertigation with perforated hose, drip irrigation, or with any system able to distribute it on the entire crop surface. 

1-2 l/ha before the fruit set 

1-2 l/ha to bloom; APPLICATIONS TO PLANTS, 500 ml / ha (2-3 applications from vegetative growth) 

Do not mix with products based on copper, bactericides or phosphites.