Mixed solution of calcium and magnesium salts

Package: Bottle 1 kg, Tank 6 kg, Tank 25 kg, Tank 1250 kg
Application: Leaf


PRO-MAGIC is a corrective agent based on Calcium and Magnesium, employed to prevent and treat physiopathies due to the lack or inadequate assimilation of these elements (apical rotting, rachis desiccation, fruit splitting, etc.).

The absorption, transport and use by the plant are optimized by the presence of carboxylic acids. 


Calcium (CaO) … 12 %

Magnesium (MgO) … 4 % 

Doses and application

PRO-MAGIC is particularly useful on APPLE varieties subject to bitter pit and on those drupaceous sensitive to fruit splitting.

PRO-MAGIC can be used both by leaf and root application. In both cases mixtures with the most common agrochemicals products with neutral reaction, are possible.

Vine Against the rachis desiccation, 1 or 2 leaf applications at 3.5-4 kg/ha in pre-flowering; repeat once after the setting and, if necessary, again during the bunch growth.
Tomato on varieties usually sensitive to apical rot, for the entire period from pre-flowering to the end of the fruit enlargement, perform leaf treatments every 15 days at the dose of 4 kg/Ha. Conjunctly, apply PRO-MAGIC to normal fertigation at the dose of 20-25 kg/ ha at least once a month. Leaf treatments are sufficient on varieties not sensitive to apical rot.
Cucurbitaceous (melon, watermelon, zucchini, cucumber) Leaf treatments every 15 days at the dose of 4 kg/Ha starting from the pre-flowering. As an alternative to leaf treatments, perform fertigation every 15 days at 15-20 Kg/Ha.
Fruit Leaf treatments as needed. If possible, apply immediately after the fruit setting, at a dose of 4-5 kg /ha.
Leaf Vegetables Regular leaf treatments with PRO-MAGIC at a dose of 3-4 kg/ha, improve of the tissues elasticity and texture.