Pro-Teina +

Liquid fertilizer formulated with sulfur, nitrogen and carboxylic acids

Package: Bottle 1 kg, Tank 6 kg, Tank 25 kg, Tank 1250 kg
Application: Leaf


PROTEINA + is a liquid fertilizer formulated with Nitrogen and Sulfur, whose perfect balance allows an easy absorption by the plant. The presence of carboxylic acids improves and optimize the nutrients absorption. The nitrogen contained in PROTEINA + create a balanced association with sulfur. 


  • Concentrated liquid formulated with sulfur and nitrogen very available for the crop.
  • The contained nitrogen keeps the N/S ratio equilibrated within the plant.
  • Determines a yield increase especially in cereals.


Total Nitrogen (N) … 15.2 % 

Ammonia nitrogen … 9,2 % 

Urea Nitrogen … 6,0 % 

Sulfur Dioxide (SO3) … 52 % 

Density … 1L = 1.31 

Doses and application

Cereals 6kg/ha at the stem extension stage at the first detectable node.
Corn 7kg/ha at the 6-leaf stage.
Tomato (Field) 6kg/ha. Do not treat in bloom.
Stone Fruit 3-7kg/ha during the crop cycle.
Sunflower 7kg ha at the stage of 4-6 leaves.
Olive 1 application of 7-13kg/ha in pre-flowering.
Potato 6kg/ha during the enlargement of the tuber.
Legumes 7kg ha at the stage of 4-6 leaves
Silage 11kg/ha 1 month before each mowing.

PROTEINA + can be employed in combination to a wide range of agrochemicals and herbicides. In any case, we recommend to
perform a miscibility test beforehand.